Top 10 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

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Eating a healthy meal is not the same as a frozen dinner made in the oven. When on a healthy diet it means you are eating more whole foods, which take more time and energy to prepare. But with the right tools you can shorten the time and effort is needed to make any meal. In this article you will find the top 10 must have kitchen gadgets you need for your kitchen. Not only do these tools make cooking easier it also makes cooking more enjoyable.



Strainers are bowls that have holes in them that allow liquid to drain out. For example, a strainer becomes useful for separating pasta from water you just boiled or, beans from the juices they're canned in. There are many other needs for when you want to get rid of extra liquid. Strainer also help rinse your berries, veggies, beans and lettuce. They also come in different shapes and sizes to help with the right type of food you are trying to drain, which comes in handy when cooking a meal. There are also mesh strainers, which are also very helpful when cooking. Since the holes are smaller you can separate the fat from gravy.




It's dinner time and the entire family gets together to eat. You look inside the oven to look at the chicken and everything looks perfectly cooked.  Super warm, golden brown on the outside and everyone is ready to eat. But when the chicken begins to get eaten, it's clear that something's not right. Undercooked chicken has ruined the whole meal! Sometimes it is hard knowing when your food is cooked completely. It can become a guessing game, especially if you're working with an unreliable or unfamiliar oven you are not use to using. Undercooking meat isn't healthy to eat at all. When Bacteria is not cooked fully, they can cause many illnesses. Cooking the food with a thermometer can prevent many illnesses by ensuring food is cooked to a safe temperature before eating. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when something's has been cooked all the way, especially if it looks cooked on the outside. This is when a thermometer comes in handy every time. A thermometer can quickly show a meat's temperature inside. Using a thermometer is the only reliable way to make sure meat is cooked to a safe temperature to eat. Keeping one of these tools in the kitchen is a good choice.



Whisks have a lot of different purposes. For example, when you are blending ingredients to a smooth consistency. Or trying to combine ingredients that don't hold together. A whisk helps blend and move liquid. This helps mix air into the combination, and causes foods like whipped cream to come out fluffy. Whisks also help bring substances together that don't mix well. For example, when mixing oil and water. There are different kinds of whisks when looking to buy one. But the most commonly used is the balloon whisk. There are other kinds of whisk that include a flat whisk, a ball whisk, and a gravy whisk.


Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears are an essential tool to have in the kitchen. They are a must have gadget. You use them to cut chicken, slice a piece of pizza, snip herbs, and trim the stems off of flowers. Shears are stronger and sturdier than a regular pair of scissors. This means the occasional small bones or tougher items do not stop them from cutting. Shears are also sharp and can be sharpened. Shears come in many different sizes, so you can choose the best ones that are most suited to how you plan to use them in your kitchen. They are a versatile tool that will surprise you how often you use them. Even if it's just to open a tough package or help you while cooking different meals on a daily basis shears come in handy to have.



Have you ever peeled a whole sack of potatoes using only a knife? If you have then you know that it can take a long time to complete. You also are probably going to end up with a lot of waste than is necessary to remove all the skin. Don’t forget how easy it is to cut yourself on accident while using a knife to peel something, which can be dangerous. This is where peelers come in handy in the kitchen. Peelers are faster and easier to use than a knife. They're really good at removing a thin layer, which means you will have more potatoes for cooking and less in the trash. Peelers are designed for your safety. An automatic peeler is hands free, and has a blade that's not likely to come in contact with your fingers. It's a safer and more efficient way to skin an apple, peel a carrot, or help skin potatoes.


Measuring Cups and Spoons

If you're always baking and trying out new dishes that require spices, measuring cups and spoons will come in handy. Making recipes correctly and putting in the amount the recipe calls for is important. This is how to get the best results for your meal. There are two types of measuring cups dry cups and liquid cups, which comes in many different sizes. Dry measuring cups usually come in sets of four or five. This design of measuring cup is meant for dry ingredients, for example flour or sugar. Liquid measuring cups usually come in larger sizes and are made of glass or plastic. These are better for liquids because they can get a accurate measurement for liquid.

Measuring spoons help you get the correct portion and count calories easily. If you need to add ingredients to a bowl of oatmeal without messing up the taste, a measuring spoon could be helpful. Or if you prefer your eggs scrambled with a little bit of butter, using a measuring spoon can help portioning the right amount you need to add to not mess up your calories. The difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon can be two completely different measurements and you can lose track of how much ingredients you are adding. Using a measuring spoon can take all the doubt out of the process when cooking your favorite dish.


Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale is good to have for larger items that cannot fit in a measuring spoon. They are good for portioning proteins or to get an exact measurement on grains and cheeses. Keeping track of calories is hard and can quickly add up. A scale is also handy for making recipes based on weight rather than volume.

Cast Iron Skillets and Pans

Skillets and pans are a critical tool for cooking over a flame. Even though nonstick cookware is popular today, many professionals prefer to use cast-iron skillets and pans to cook. Some people do not like nonstick pans because of the properties in the pan. An iron skillet and pan can have the same characteristics as a nonstick pan but requires seasoning and reasoning. which is a process of coating your skillets and pans with oils or fats before use. To do this clean the cookware with soap and water and preheat the oven to anywhere between 250- and 350-degrees Fahrenheit. Lay a coat of oil on the insides of the cookware, and place the skillet or pan upside down in the oven. To make sure nothing drops onto the bottom of your oven, it's a good idea to place an ovenproof tray under the cookware to protect your oven. After about an hour, turn off the heat and remove the cookware from the oven. The oil or fat will actually cook into the pores of the cast iron cookware, which makes it more difficult for food to stick to the pan. You can repeat this process to make a good seal. The skillet or pan should look black and charred once it's seasoned correctly and ready to use.



A knife is one of the most basic kitchen utensils to have in the kitchen. It also is a very versatile cooking tool to have. When you think of how to cut up meat, dice an onion, or slice a piece of cheese, a knife comes to mind first to cut anything in the kitchen. They are mostly used for chopping, but comes in handy with other tasks in the kitchen. Knives come in different sizes and gives you good leverage and easy grip for efficient chopping, slicing and dicing.


Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are best to use when your super busy and need an extra hand. They’re the easiest way to make sure a meal is ready at a certain time. Slow cookers help making morning oatmeal to making weekend soups, to lean meats that are slow cooked for hours. Beans cooked in the slow cooker come out perfectly without losing their shape, making it one of the best tools for vegetarians or anyone looking to cut down on their calorie intake. All this convenience means no more scrambling and thinking what to eat, because it keeps everything fresh. All you have to do is prep the items in the pot the night before then set-it and forget-it and when you wake up in the morning you will have a fresh meal ready for you to start off your day.




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