How to buy cheap healthy meals on a Budget

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When you go to eat you have two choices, healthy food or junk food. Not only do you have to eat right, but you have to save money which is not easy for everyone. But there is a way for you to eat a healthy diet on a budget!

To get the most out of your budget without sacrificing your diet, think of creating healthy and affordable meals. There’re three steps to follow when eating healthy & with a budget. The first being planning, the second purchasing and lastly the third is preparation. Each step plays a vital role to the end game goal of a creating a healthier you.

Step 1: Have a plan before you go to the store

Before you go out to the grocery store stop and think about the best places to get a deals in. Think about coupons, weekly specials, and do some research online to find the lowest cost products. Next Schedule your meals in advance to get the best result. The key is to plan what you are going to purchase ahead of time before stepping into the store. Prioritize your grocery shopping list and utilize meal prep to schedule out your meals for the week ahead. Yes this step does take some time and thinking but it can help you save money and buy exactly what you need throughout the weeks ahead. Planning to buy what’s on your list and only what’s on your list will help cut down on waste and  ensure that you’ll have what you need for the busy week to come.

Step 2: Shop the Smart Way

When you finish planning out your meals, it’s time to go shopping and make your purchases. When shopping stick with the larger quantities to save the most money and get the best deal.. For example, a block of cheese is a much better buy than a bag of pre-shredded cheese. Choose seasonal fresh produce. Sometimes grocery stores have specials on local items, like corn in the summer or brussels sprouts in the fall. Studies show that fresh foods have more nutrients than foods picked and shipped days or weeks before. Remember to stock up on frozen and canned foods as well. A recent study found frozen vegetables to be just as nutritious as fresh vegetables. And like canned goods, frozen ingredients last longer than fresh and are easily incorporated into many meals. Lastly buy healthy treats to eat as a way of rewarding yourself. Indulge your sweet tooth in a smart way. Think high quality and high quantity. If you want chocolate often, buy a giant bar of dark chocolate, but eat just one square when the craving hits. If salty is what you crave, try making popcorn and add your own salt or other flavorings.

Step 3: Prepare Healthy Meals on a Budget

You’ve spent long of time planning your budget and shopping for ingredients, and now it’s time to make some healthy meals! The kitchen is where it all comes together and Everyday House Needs has all the innovative kitchen gadgets to make preparation quickly and easily.  Make the most of what you bought by remembering these tips:

Simplify your dinner. - It doesn’t have to be a complex meal - Offer an appropriate amount of protein (experts suggest a three-ounce serving of meat), vegetables, and a whole grain like quinoa or brown rice. Use less meat. Meat can be expensive, so look into other sources of protein. When shopping for meat, opt for cheaper—and tougher—cuts. Make meals last longer by adding a nutritious staple to a favorite recipe to avoid repetition.  Allow your leftovers to inspire new dishes. Remember the freezer is your friend. Double recipes, so you can serve half and freeze half. You can even store unused bread, cheese, herbs and other ingredients in the freezer in vacuum-sealed bags without worry for months on end.¹¹ Use your meal prep plan to optimize for the best results in maintaining a healthy and low cost diet.

Track Results

After following these steps track your results and budget. Make sure everything is in budget of your financial needs. You can also keep a log sheet of the different weeks and months. This way you can keep track of you expenses and weight. After that watch your health and pockets feel the results of a better routine. Optimize the meal plan depending on your health and portion needs. It just takes three easy steps to eat healthier and on a budget. Planning, purchasing and preparing. You really can eat healthy on a budget.


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